Tuesday, January 23, 2007



I believe it is important to understand, but not accept, that Humanity is enslaved by a small cabal of global Slave-masters. We are slaves.

Globalization is essentially a new Slave-trade - and we are its slaves (whether we know it or not - or like it or not). Tyranny comes in many a guise - it is up to us to see behind the disguise.

The old slave-trade was abolished (eventually); so must this new one (fast) - along with the Arms and Drugs Trade.

It's critical that we - humanity - all wake up, wise up and grow up to this...then maybe, just maybe, we can set ourselves free from these chains which enslave us.

I have started the new thread on "The Great Dictatorship" in Respect, Richard, as I promised. I have left there a couple of links that you may like to look up.

Will retake the thread this weekend, Deo volente. God willing.
Thanks Jose - I'll have a look.
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