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This is a 'tricky dicky willy' quiz of one question - which requires more than a one-word answer :


It's a good description of someone I know well - but what does it mean ?

Anybody who answers correctly, and comprehensively, will get a mystery prize...

You can do better than "hmmm", Tyger :)
Clue : A Frenchman. A Welshman. A Spaniard
Blaise Pascal and his Wager?

Dylan Thomas raging against the dying of the light?

Something to do with death?
You're not as stupid as you look (for the Guardian), are you 'O' :)

Two-thirds right - the last one is really tricky - "SAGING WITH JOSE".

Perhaps someone can help here - Pepe ?
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something to do with Mourinho?
Nice try, Skuds, but you are r...wrong !

Clue - there an old blogger in 'The Pits' post above...
Not much of a clue. I saw a post from 'jose' who I can't identify.

I can't think of many other people called José, not particularly well known ones who I associated with sagacity anyway.

José Carerra?
Methinks I'll have to put you all out of your misery soon.
Clearly someone who believes in god (but not really).

Orwell and Dylan used to run books in London....

(If it was Bob Dylan I'd say it was me, as Jose and I have saged together for some time! Although I'd rather resent the Pascalian insinuation).
Could be Orwell, then? I can't remember his theological stance, but I can see him agreeing with Thomas on the onset of death.

I'm sure he 'saged' with a José or two while in Spain.

Do I get a gold star?
The 'mystery prize' was a big kiss from me, and thankfully as none of you have fully answered the question (and regrettably no beautifully-sexy female bloggers with 'lips like cherry'), I will tell you the answer.

WAGING WITH BLAISE, as Danivon says, is indeed the 'Wager' argument for believing in God - by Blaise Pascal.

RAGING WITH DYLAN, as Danivon says, is the poem by Dylan Thomas : "Rage, rage against the dying of the light".

SAGING WITH JOSE, as Tyger kind of guessed, is fellow blogger "Jose" from the Canary Islands. He's a wise old bird - thus 'saging' with Jose.

And who am I talking about ?

You solipsist! I'm so glad that I didn't get it right, not only to avoid the 'prize', but also as it would have meant puffing your ego a bit.

Still, I'm shocked and appalled that I tried to answer it.
I've never been called a "solipsist" before, I'll have to look that one up.......someone who "denies the possibility of any knowledge other than of his own existence". I call it disappearing linguistically up my own that the same thing ?

I'm sorry you are "shocked and appalled" at the thought of puffing up my ego.

Puff no more, fellow go look that one up for yourself :)
Danivon now makes himself "Anonymous".

Oh Fleetwood Mac would say.

And that Stevie Nicks...perhaps she would like to take part in my next quiz - I would certainly like to give her the mystery prize !
And now Richard is channeling the spirit of Sid James! :)
> Danivon now makes himself "Anonymous".

eh? what do you mean by that? I use my pseudonym for comments here, and I don't hide my identity (i may not go out of my way to reveal it...).

I don't know what you mean by using 'inchoate' as a noun, when it is an adjective. But I think I get your meaning.

I was 'shocked and appalled' at myself, not at you (I'm just disappointed at such a self-referential 'quiz').
Danivon, have a look at the 1.50pm (4th) comment. That was from you, "Danivon", cos I made that Guardian comment immediately after (at 2.10pm). But it's been changed to "anonymous". In fact, the whole post looks as though it's been tampered with.

I thought it was you who changed it. If you did not, please accept my sincere apologies.

All very peculiar...and I don't think I'll venture into the 'quiz' business again !
Weird. It was from me, but there's no way for me to change it - without hacking into your blogger account, which is not something I'd do even if I had a clue of how to go about it.

There's two possibilities - a glitch in the system (I recently upgraded my blogger account, but that was before I made those comments), or it was changed by someone.

I suspect the former.
I think you are right, Danivon - the former. I upgraded my Google Blogger after you posted.

So, it seems to be just a glitch - nothing sinister apparently.
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