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Quite why Charles Pearson - of the Pearson Global Media Empire (eg FT & Penguin et al), and brother of Viscount Cowdray - is advertising his 'footpath' cause on the letters page of Johnston's Press's Crawley Observer, I don't quite fully understand yet ("West Sussex County Council Ignores Local Views", January 24 2007 - Page 13).

Charles Pearson is very rich - and I mean really rich. For example :


The Argus described him as a "millionaire" this week ("Millionaire hits out in 'right of way' row", Argus, Jan 27/28 (or 29?). That's rather like calling Lord March (future Duke of Richmond) a "photographer" (as Argus did before Christmas). Charles Pearson is an integral part of the Pearson media empire which is worth $7.2 billion !

Anyway, Pitshill House in Tillington (near Petworth House - which also has strong links to the Pearson family) is interesting - once lived in by The Mitford Sisters. Remember them - Hitler-adorers and high-society fascists (Diana 'married' Oswald Mosley) ?

I bet there are a few stories to tell within the walls of Pitshill House !

Especially as West Sussex was the 'mecca' for the British Union of Fascists - with Worthing being described as the 'Munich of the South Coast'...

"Blackshirts-on-Sea" is an interesting book in this regard :

Edward V111 was King for 325 days in 1936 - you remember the one...Mrs Simpson and all that.

Well, officially-written history tries to cover up the fact that both Edward and his Mrs were openly (and excessively) pro-Hitler - as were many in the upper echelons of power (and lower).

Many in West Sussex were openly (and excessively) pro-Hitler and thus pro-Fascist.

In Marine Parade, along Worthing's seafront, was based the HQ of the West Sussex Union of Fascists (there is a photograph in 'Blackshirts-on-Sea').

This book confirms that West Sussex was rather full a fascists - and only in 1939 were they really seen as a threat to the nation - especially by MI5.

But in 1936 it was socially-acceptable to be pro-Fascist - especially in Worthing and Chichester. Thus, the Mitford party-list at Pitshill House would have made interesting reading...

When war broke out, and Hitler was poised to invade, occupy and land somewhere along the Sussex coast, the internal security services (eg MI5) believed that many in West Sussex would have welcomed Hitler 'with open arms' - and they had good reason to believe this.

The Mitford Sisters, along with Mosley himself (he married one of them - Diana), were kept 'under guard'.

We have much to be thankful to Churchill for - and others - because we can be certain that if Hitler had successfully invaded this country (via West Sussex), these fascists - it was no vague term as it is now - would have released by the Nazis...especially Edward V111 and his Mrs, Mosley and his Mrs, and countless others.

We would do well to remember some of those West Sussex people, and their surnames, and to check to see if those same surnames crop up today...
And this is a "Value Added" to this post, Christian Fascist Dominance

Thank you for your kind words about 'Blackshirts-on-Sea'. I wrote it. There is some confusion about the Mitford family who live/lived near Petworth. In the 1980s I came across their family vault in some graveyard near Petworth. I asked Lady Mosley, whom I knew, if there was a family connection with this Mitford family and she had no knowledge of any branch of the Mitford family in Sussex. You seem to suggest that Mosley and his Blackshirts were just waiting for a successful German invasion in World War Two to become collaborators and Quislings. Now consider this. The very first two official casualties of WW2, RAF Aircraftsmen George Brocking and Ken Day, who died on the second day of war whilst attacking the German fleet in the Elbe Estuary were card-carrying Mosley fascists. The very first small boat to arrive at Dunkirk to rescue British troops from the beaches, the Advance, was piloted over by Eric Piercy and Colin Dick, both Mosley fascists. To suggest Mosleyites were traitors in waiting is not true and dishonours the Englishmen I have just mentioned.
The Mitford-Slades of Pitshill's relationship to the Mitford Sisters was extremely distant. Their closest common ancestor died in 1674.
Not all the Mitford Sisters could be described as fascists - Jessica ran away from home to fight with the Communists in the Spanish Civil War.
The company whose web address you give,Pearson Government Solutions, is no longer owned by Pearson plc.
Charles Pearson can hardly be called "an integral part of the Pearson media empire", as he is not a director of the company.
There are no "strong links" between Petworth House and the Pearson family, other than the normal ones resulting from the Petworth estate being neighbour to the Pearson's Cowdray estate.
George Thomas Brocking was my father's brother. He was no traitor, he just did not believe in war. However he was true to King and Country and officially the first casulty of WWII

Rest in peace Uncle George, you are a hero.
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