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Cllr Marcella Head of Broadfield South - who recently defected from the Cons to the Lib Dems - has certainly 'set the cat among the political pigeons' - whether she knows it or not !

Have a read of the most recent problem now created by her defection ("Councillors' nightmayor decision", Argus, Jan 29 - Page 7)...

Whats that about then? I only read their website and there is nothing on that.
OK - as it's you :


"Officials are trying to decide who should wear the mayoral chains after a key councillor defected to the opposition.

"Since Marcella Head joined the Libera Democrats in early December, the Conservatives have been governing a minority administration at Crawley Borough Council.

"They have 18 members, while Labour have 16 and the Lib Dems have three.

"This makes election of a mayor, traditionally nominated from the majority party, a more complex affair.

"The Tories have nominated a Conservative mayor and offered the deputy role to the opposition.

"But at a general purposes committee today, members will discuss using a new points system where the mayoralty would rotate on a proportional basis.

"If the current political split remains the same, there would be a Labour mayor for 2007/8, and a Conservative the year after, and the two would take it in turns until the Lib Dems received their turn in 2012/13."

So, Skuds, if you win your seat again, will I have to bow :)
The points system is what the Lib Dems have been after for years, and the absence of it is why they always abstain on the mayoral vote.

Perhaps a threat to not abstain this time round was what got this on the agenda. Not a bad idea IMO.

Interesting time to be mayor, with everything so close that one absence could easily result in a casting vote.

Should I get back in there I would think twice before going for that job.
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