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Europe's far-right parties have formed an EU political bloc - calling themselves "Identity, Tradition and Sovereignty" (ITS).

Last Tuesday, 16 January, they received (from the European Parliament) official status as a publicly-funded group, and so received one million euros.

One British MEP, Ashley Mote, has joined the group - who probably all hate each other as 'friends'. Mr Mote was kicked off the UKIP 'boat' in 2004 - when he was prosecuted for housing benefit fraud - and has since sat as an Independent (oh dear!). And which area does he now represent ? South East England (oh dear again!!).

Who else is in this right-wing alliance ?

Jean-Marie Le Pen - veteran member of the French National Front.

Alessandra Mussolini - grand-daughter of Benito - "I'd rather be a fascist than a faggot".

Corneliu Vadim Tudor - Greater Romania Party Leader - "Jews are like warts on a man's body".

Andreas Molzer - a former aide to the Austrian extreme right leader, Jorg Haider.

This is a disturbing development within Europe. What do certain MP's and Councillors in West Sussex think of ITS...I wonder ?!

I'm pretty certain what the British National Party (BNP) thinks of Identity, Tradition and Sovereignty (ITS).

As an Independent - somewhat different in outlook to Ashley Mote - I think they are the BNP(ITS).

See, you can't trust these independant types. Free spirits, you see. :-)
Free spirits, who pose as "anti-transfer campaigners", can also speak from CBC's Public Gallery :


Well done, by the way.
I am a bit uneasy about Alessandra's family connections to always be mentioned. Its sort of insinuating that she has to be a fascist because of her grandpa, and teh logical progression is that her children will be, and their children...

It would be nice to think there is a chance that one day someone in the family will turn out to be normal and decent.

Its a bit like Winston Churchill trading on his grandad's reputation.
Gosh. I wish I had written that comment in English!
By the way Richard, if you go to the Dashboard of Blogger you will find somewhere in the options to set the timezone to GMT so that the right timestamp goes on comments.
The question is: WHY are they voted? We can see that history repeats itself. Nazism started much in the same way and we all know - even those who voted for ITS do know - how it ended.

Is it purposefully done? Is this another step towards world dominance? Towards dictatorships all around the world as it used to be in the Middle Ages?

How easily can people be convinced with a suitable propaganda!!
Well, with Peter Hain 'coming out' and saying the Bush regime is the most right-wing in US history, I wonder who else will be financing 'The Pits' - BNP(ITS) ?
Skuds Post at 2.49pm :

Thanks Skuds - I've tried, but I can't find the b..... clock thing.

Step by Step for an Idiot svp
Richard - I didn't "pose" as anything. I stated that I was a 'taxpayer' (as I am not a tenant) and Duncan Crow pointed out that I had been a Labour Councillor in his evasive response.

If the press want to label me, I can't stop them, can I?

Skuds - Yes, I agree on not automatically linking Alessandra to Il Duce. However, not only has she founded two neo-nazi parties (the second after the first went too mainstream and joined the Berlusconi government), but she has also declared pride in her grandfather's legacy.

By her words and deeds, she is condemned.
That man (sorry, boy) again - 'The One Who Flew Over The Crow's Nest'.

I can see him standing as an Independent (like Ashley 'P(ITS)' Mote) when (sorry, if) the Con Party find him an electoral liability by May.
Why would they find him a liability?

His seat isn't up for election until 2008 anyway
BTW, the idiots guide:

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Should do the trick
Thanks (again) Skuds - or is that Skudsy-Wutzy.

Isn't Crow a WSCC councillor - which means he's due for re-election next May ?
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