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Sometimes, something happens which makes me really angry - and some who know me know I can act impulsively... this is one of those times.

While my mind was being invaded by the grotesque media images of Saddam's lynching, BBC Ceefax finds space to mention that the MI6 Head John Scarlett has been knighted - he is now Sir John Scarlett.

Do you remember him ? Chairman of the Joint Intelligence Committee (JIC) who master-minded the 'sexed-up' WMD dossier - "45 minutes" and all that - gave evidence at the 2004 Hutton inquiry concerning the 'apparent' suicide of Dr David Kelly, and subsequently resulted in the 'resignations' of BBC's Greg Dyke and Andrew Gilligan, and the disgusting apology to the Government (& Alastair Campbell) by Lord Ryder.

Well, I remember it - and the dossier was total crap, and Blair squirmed his way out...

Now, The Establishment (which is very, very real) sees fit to give a knighthood to this guy. It sickens me to the stomach - especially as I continue to be invaded by the media orgasm over Saddam.

Well, I'm angry - and I'm going to act impulsively...

Tomorrow morning at 08.00, there will be a protest outside the Security Services offices at Vauxhall Bridge Road, London. 3 signs will read :

1. "Though your sins be as Scarlett, they shall be as white as Blair" (Isaiah 1 v 18 adapt.)

2. "It is sometimes necessary to lie damnably in the interests of the nation" (Belloc to Chesterton 1917).

3. "Political designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind"

For those of you who think I'm quite mad, I don't give a s...

It all depends on one thing though...whether I can wake up in time, let alone get up, after seeing in the New Year !!!

A sea slug has given us clues how our brains work


Don't you think he deserves the distinction better than Scarlett?

But I still consider that future history will judge the like of Sir John Scarlettas traitors to their country.
In olden times, Richard, wrongdoings less important than these, were punished in the gallows.
1. Kim Philby - Cambridge
2. Donald Maclean - Cambridge
3. Guy Burgess - Cambridge
4. Sir Anthony Blunt - Cambridge
5. ? - Cambridge

Henry Jackson Society (HJS) - Cambridge

Sir Richard Dearlove OBE
Head of MI6 (1999-2004) - Pembroke College, Cambridge. HJS Signatory.

James Woolsey - Director of CIA (1993-95). HJS Patron

Richard Perle (HJS)

William Kristol (HJS)
Perhaps we would have to get out those old memories to light again, or perhaps we should keep alive the flame of our rebuttal to these societies which are thinktanks for our enemies.
I think we have to ask ourselves some very serious questions - such as :

Has the British and American Security Services been 'infiltrated' by those who do not act in the interests of national security of either country ?

In the Cold War, which idealogical 'ism' was fighting Communism - Was it Capitalism ? Americanism ? Zionism ?
William Kristol, and his father Irving, are two Neo-Cons to keep a very close eye on...

William is editor of Weekly Standard - a US/Murdoch publication. He is also a pivotal part of The Henry Jackson Society (along with Richard Perle etc)

His father, Irving, was the US co-editor of Encounter Magazine (the other co-editor was British - Stephen Spender).

When it was discovered that the CIA covertly funded Encounter, Spender resigned immediately. Irving Kristol stayed on, presumably aware of the CIA financing.

If that presumption is correct, does that make Irving Kristol an American agent - or, in other words, a US spy ?
Am thinking of opening discussions in my blog about these societies.
Great idea - please keep me posted.

Instincts tell me the same kind of 'infiltration' is going on in the 'left-of-centre', or 'independent' media ?

New Statesman ?

The Fabian Society ?

The Guardian ?

The BBC ?

Might be wrong - but nothing would surprise me now
There are journalists and editors on the CIA/MI6 payroll - of that I have no doubt - just as Peter Smollett (Smolka) was on the payroll of NKVD/KGB as correspondent for Beaverbrook Press.
And now the main news agenda has changed to Northern Ireland (no longer Iraq) - a classic, all-too-familiar 'News Distractor' used very effectively by the State/Security Services/BBC in the 1970's and 1980's...
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