Friday, December 22, 2006



Cllr Duncan Crow's political immaturity is putting his local party (Cons), and this town (Crawley), at risk with his 'crowing'. Cllr Crow should be watched 'like a hawk' this space...

Do you have any more than this?

As a keen student of the career of Duncan Crow, from his charming days at the beginning of his council membership when he hoped to remove all discretionary spending, or when he spent weeks on a committee before making outrageous attacks on it's final report, to his shameless mugging on an incident he didn't actually see (in fact hardly anyone in the Council Chamber on Nov 22 saw what Cllr Murdoch did or didn't do, all we saw and heard was Linda's reaction).

So, whaddya-got?
Enough to put him on BNP's Christmas Card List...
I've been told from 'a good authority' that some within the Crawley Con Group have a nickname for dear Duncan - 'Herr Flick'...
Oh, stop teasing me!

I thought that might be just because they both look like they're about 15 years old.

(don't worry, Duncan, we love you really!)
Whenever I pass those two crows on top of that iron axe by the George, I will be reminded of our Duncan.
Crow updates:

1) He was reported to have called tenants 'ignorant and misinformed', but tonight (10 Jan) denied that he'd said that, claiming to have used those words but to say that tenants were not.

2) The Observer have him dressed up as a robber and he's been dubbed 'roundabout robber' after the plans to close local playgrounds were revealed.

We loves ya Dunc!
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