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I love my country and my county - the Queen represents both; so, I will wave my flag like the rest.

But, I do not love my country's State Government (represented by Blair's 'LabourCon' Party), or my county's State Local Government (represented by West Sussex County Council and its Lord Lieutenant's Office); so I will not be waving my flag to them.

I am patriotic, but not nationalistic. There is a chasm of difference.

I love Sussex. I do not love "West Sussex", which is simply an administrative boundary created by bureaucrats, separating it from "East Sussex".

I was born and raised in Sussex (Worthing), and live in Sussex (Ifield/Crawley).

Long may this be so - and as the olde Sussex saying goes : "We will not be druv".

Monarchs and Flags are just symbols of a country, in some cases they are symbols of a regime.
In the case of Britain a Monarch of German origin, in Spain a Monarch of French origin. I don't know why these people can be symbols of a country.
The more so when they do not pay taxes to be such symbols.
Definitely I am not a monarchist. Leaders - as democracy commands - should in all instances be elected.
In all cases, I don't mind if they are called Presidents, Kings/Queens or whatever, but, in all cases, elected.
As used to be so many years ago by the power of the sword; today it should be by the power of honesty and wisdom.
I think the Queen is a "symbol" of this country - she reflects its history and heritage.

But she should be just a "symbol" - with no power vested in her - perhaps like the Belgian monarch.

It's the 'system of power' she props up which I detest - and, as you say, predominantly unelected (and unaccountable) Establishment power.

This includes 'Royal Prerogatives' which allows, for example, prime ministers to take us to war - without a democratic mandate.

The 'system of power' is so organised that it prevents any real change 'of, by and for the people'.

The Queen doesn't bother me, but the 'hangers-on' do.
Yes, indeed, the hangers-on. Have you ever thought how much the long retinue in the Queen's court costs he British People?

Here in Spain I am worried, because the Royal family just cares about the size of the family's album of photos.
Such information is given on a 'need to know' basis, Jose, and the powers-that-be don't think we, the people, need to know.
I'm a rampant republican, but the queen is just so nice it's hard to be against her.
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