Monday, September 18, 2006



It was my birthday earlier today - 53 - wow, now that's old - and myself and my beloved went for a bike ride, and 'got lost' near Browns Landfill Site and around Kilnwood - "West of Crawley". We know how to 'let our hair down' and go wild on birthdays.

Here are 3 unpleasant conclusions after this very pleasant ride around the 'West of Crawley'...

1. West Sussex County Council's political cabal (and 'partners') will implement their Local Structure Plan for Ifield, no matter what - and 'go hang' any Public Consultations, SEERA, Campaigners, or Whoever, or Whatever. Not content with filling every green space possible with houses WITHIN Ifield (eg school playing fields), the politically-motivated 'planners' are busy filling every green space AROUND Ifield.

2. Browns Landfill/Holmbush Site AND Ifield Golf Course Site (including Ifield Brook Meadows) will BOTH be developed (ie The ancient Parish of Ifield, with all its history and heritage, will disappear under concrete and tarmac).

3. I will continue to fight - it is a democratic obscenity. If anyone would like to join me, please do - many already have.

I have totally lost confidence in WSCC's political and planning 'elite' to act responsibly with my council tax (80% of it), and they have lost my trust. I don't mind being taken for a fool - I am one - but I draw the line at being taken for a complete fool. These bullying, arrogant, trumped-up managers (who I bankroll as a taxpayer) are taking me for a complete fool. They are professional masters at 'ducking and diving' from blame - and transferring that blame everywhere and anywhere else except in their own direction (with our money!).

I also don't like being lied to. The deceit is staggering. I don't pay servants of the Crown to tell me lies and deceive me. We live in a so-called democracy (of, by and for the people) - or that's what I thought.

The fight goes on...and the sooner these 'jokers' at County Hall are booted out of controlling this county the better - they are not fit to govern.

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