Friday, September 01, 2006



The Ifield Society calls upon English Partnerships to withdraw their development proposal for Ifield Court Meadows, by 4.20pm next Friday (8 September).

Will they do it ?

So will they?
We'll know by 4.21pm this Friday...thanks for calling in with your three-word contribution, Tyger !
Ohhhh that was testy!

There is a career in Labour Politics waiting for you!
I'd rather shoot myself...
Tomorrow is Friday. Let's wait and see what happens. Hopefully EP will make an about-turn and march away.
I'm not optimistic after reading the local papers this week...but thank you, Jose, for your encouragement. 'They' grind you down 'til you're a war of your words mean a lot...

Local campaigning, regardless of success (although it is important), is just about as honourable as any endeavour can be.

Good Luck tomorrow.
That's a very nice thing for you to say, and for me to hear - especially at the moment. Thank you.
And who was that bloke you mention in an e-mail having to do with EP, who apparently is not very well seen by some?

No need for you to answer, Richard.
It's Friday evening, so you may have news by now. I look forward to reading them. Best luck.
No news yet, Jose...but thanks for thinking about us.
Still nothing?
Still nothing, Aaron - thanks for poppin' in too :)
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