Thursday, September 07, 2006



Those within the Crawley Labour Party will have to stop 'sitting on the fence' - and quick.

Their New Labour PM is now in freefall, and it looks as if he will be 'pushed' - whether he likes it or not (and he doesn't like it).

That leaves a leadership race - Brown, Prescott, Livingston... and things are going to get messy. I think there will be two 'camps' :

1. The Pro-War Camp - those who colluded with the PM on the illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq - led by a power-hungry, warmongering US regime intent on "Full Spectrum Dominance" (FSD) - global control. Silence is consent - and that silence will be judged when the WMD lies are highlighted...Brown and Prescott are inextricably linked...

2. The Anti-War Camp - those who clearly spoke out against the Iraq war, the WMD lies etc. Ken Livingston and Robin Cook immediately come to mind, but sadly the latter is no longer with us.

So, where does that leave our Blairite poodle - Laura Moffatt - Crawley MP ? In a difficult situation.

The sooner those in the Crawley Labour Party come out of 'denial' the better. If any continue to 'sit on the fence' about the war, they will be seen as Pro-War apologists.

I expect a few Labour councillors (and our Crawley MP) will be shuffling very uncomfortably in the next few days...

Well, they better stop pussy-footing about - there will be an election soon...

Yes, Richard, I am afraid this is a question of quick-witted reactions. Those who will not be on time will lose the Labour Ship. I am afraid quarrels among the now outstanding leaders will lead to the early destruction of the party, that on the other hand would benefit considerably the ineffable Tony Blair's prestige, or the little of it he's still got.

Union among those who have always dissented will undoubtedly produce a solidly backed leader, regardless of Brown and Co., who as you have always said, have few or nil chances to lift the torch.
By the way, Richard. I read this blog a couple of times a day, so I am continuously updated of what's new in it.
Livingstone? No chance. As he is not an MP is isn't in the running at all, and Prescott would be very unlikely.

Benn and Milliband are much more likely.
Tony or Hilary, Skuds ?
Well, Tony isn't an MP so...
Hilary Benn - good pedigree.
Hilary Benn?

Left-field choice, and not all together unwelcome. Would be a unifying PM - not a divisive one.
Looks as though Harriet Harman wants a piece of the action now...bit lightweight...where's Clare Short these days ?
Where's Claire Short you asked...

Well you got your answer now - busily campaigning for a hung parliament.
And Glenda Jackson ?
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