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Is the "enemy" really English Partnerships/CB Richard Ellis, or do we look closer to home...?

Watch this space

If I were you I'd look closer, Richard. Who has told the bulders that there was a suitable place always uses to be someone interested in getting a good slice of the pie.

It wouldn't be the first case nor would it be the last one.
I think you are right, Jose.

Evidence is emerging as to who that might be...

It looks as if English Partnerships were 'put up to it', and had no original intention to develop this small strip of ancient land - even though they do 'own' it (and would put around £30m in their coffers - a drop in the ocean to them).

That seems to be the case - although it would help to have more evidence - and so we are calling upon English Partnerships to withdraw their proposal...

We shall see...

Thanks again, Jose, for your contribution 'from the outside' (in the Canary Islands).
You are welcome, Richard. I live in Tenerife, the largest of the islands which Lord Nelson once tried to conquer for Britain unsuccessfully.He lost his arm on the attempt. We have always had excellent friendly and commercial relations with the British. There is a large number of residents of British nationality, and Britons are the most important visitors we have as tourism. We even have a street in the capital of this island named after Horacio (Horatio) Nelson.
Back to the important question, perhaps English Partnership will desist if they see the population are decidedly against the project. These people use to try to keep people happy and they may realise the business isn't going to be much business after all.
I worked for a British Shipping Agent, Elder Dempster(Canary Islands) Ltd. for 15 years. It was my first important job starting at 22 as executive and becoming later on one of the chief executives.
Interesting life Jose...makes my life appear extremely dull !!!

I think you are right about English Partnerships...and present a case to them that they are likely to profit less...
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