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1. To axe hot school meals to 64,000 children in 242 state primary schools in West Sussex, without proper Consultation and in defiance of Government Guidelines; which resulted in the ripping out of nearly 242 school kitchens, and 550 'dinner lady' redundancies.

2. To sell off state school playing fields in West Sussex to the 'highest bidder' (eg property developers).

3. To orchestrate the removal of the present Crawley MP from office, during the last General Election in West Sussex.

4. The list is as long as my arm...PFI, Fastway, National Park etc.

Money is not meant to protect us socially. It's meant for "higher" goals, as, for instance, pay war expenses, which in its turn would mean reconstruction and therefore more money to feed the octopus.
You're funny!

In a slightly obsessed, deranged, crazy way :o)
The people who appear the most sane are often the most insane; and the people who appear the most insane are often the most sane.
I believe I'm funny to those who have not yet realised how the world goes and has been going for a long time, or those who prefer to be blind to everything that goes around us.

As Richard says, the insane believe that those walking outside the nut-house are not quite rational.
Perhaps those who are out of the nut-house would like to see this:

If you are interested I'll willingly add to this. Otherwise I'll let it remain as it is.
I thought that was going to give you a direct access but alas!, I must beg your pardon and ask you to copy and paste.

Apologies and thanks.
Is there anyone brave enough out there to challenge Jose ?
No, but I could teach him how to put a link into a comment so that a web address does not get truncated and therefore useless :-)
Thank you, skuds. I'm always eager to learn. LOL, perhaps you may also tell me how to insert an emoticon?
I am sorry for my poor technique in the internet, skuds, but if you will be kind enough to copy and paste the sites, until I get the practice to obviate that task to you, that might help as well.

Let's see if this works now, skuds.
Channel 4's "Dispatches" might be of interest tonight (8pm-9pm) - called "Public Service - Private Profit". It's all about PFI in hospitals - eg "Dispatches found on hospital charged £333 by the firm running it, to change a lightbulb" (Argus, "Warning that hospitals may be forced to close/TV Listings", Monday August 14).

So, if we want to know where some, if not all, those missing NHS millions went, watch the programme.

Which brings me neatly on to the NES - National Education Service - in Crawley...or more specifically 'Commander' Forsyth's 'Crawley Schools PFI Project'...

How much is this costing us, the taxpayer ? Please remind me, County Hall...oh, I forgot, you never told me !
Obviously it didn't work. I'll keep trying.
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This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
see linkshere
and here

Good gracious!+++
Well done, Jose. When you can do it, could you tell me. I haven't a clue!
It's simple, see this_link
Thanks Jose - I'll give it a try, but on first reading it's made my brain hurt !
I knew you would get it in the end - well done! Things you learn yourself through trial and error tend to be remembered better, but seriously if you do ever get stuck on questions of HTML just e-mail me. I am always happy to help as I remember getting such help myself in the past.

Long URLs in a comment used to throw out the whole layout of my own blog before I found out how to suppress them.

Now I have to start leaning on Richard to get him to use shorter titles so they don't overflow on the comments page and obscure the first comment...
Thank you so much, skuds. It's very kind of you.
Skuds is quite a nice chap, Jose, unless you talk longer than you should at Crawley Planning Meetings :)
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