Tuesday, August 29, 2006



"The Battle of the Brook" (The Parishioners of Ifield v The Profiteers of Power) has now commenced with a vengeance (on both sides).

The 'Global Dividers-And-Rulers' will be fighting a united Local Parish of Ifield...to the east of Ifield Brook (Crawley Parishioners) and to the west of Ifield Brook (Horsham Parishioners) ; Young and Old, Party Politically-motivated/Non Party-politically motivated, Ifield Society, Ifield Village Association, Ramblers, Dog-lovers, Church-goers/Non Church-goers...THE PEOPLE OF IFIELD PARISH.

Money talks, and so does Profit - neither will listen unless there's money to be made from it.

Money & Profit (M&P) talk on the basis that everything, and everyone, can be 'bought' at a price.

M&P will be talking a lot to MP's, the Crawley Borough Council (and Horsham District Council/West Sussex County Council), and the Local Media.

And that subject will be Ifield Parish (which includes the Ifield Village Conservation Area).

I have no doubt 'they' will attempt to discredit and undermine us, by making us look like silly, militant, extremist, naive, or whatever.

This is to be expected. There are some very powerful non-democratic forces at work, which are determined to get their own way - no matter what.

We must prevail - and we will by remaining united as a community.
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