Monday, August 14, 2006



Myself and 'She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed' have taken up cycling. Good idea for her as it helps with her Weightwatchers Diet. Good idea for me as I've been watching my weight, and now look 6 months pregnant with a middle-aged pot-belly.

While cycling around in the Parishes of Ifield and Crawley, with no particular place to go except off the beaten track and away from the main roads, we came across "Little Dell" - a lovely house which has recently been used as a Brothel ("Brothel owner to pay £18,000.../Court confiscates £18k brothel cash", Crawley Observer/Crawley News, August 9).

Elaine (the wife) couldn't quite understand my rush of excitement at this serendipitous discovery. The police and the papers had not disclosed the exact address (unsurprisingly, I suppose, to prevent people from taking a voyeuristic peep - oh, like me!). I thought it was somewhere in Horley or Lowfield Heath.

Ironically, it was very near the path that Sarah Robinson (the Quaker Education Pioneer) would have taken - from where she worked at Lowfield Heath to the Friends Meeting House in Ifield.

That's given me an idea for an Ifield Society Ramblette - how about "The Parish Brothel Walk" ?

I won't charge.

Just to tell you that I've received no reply from BBC South on your interview. Have you got any news?
No - nothing at all Jose. Surprise, surprise !
Just found your blog! Am very interested as was buying a house in West Green but then seller pulled out last week. Have since heard that owner was running a brothel! Do you think it's the same place??
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