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Next Saturday (Sept 2) there will be a "Protest" outside Ifield Shopping Parade, from 8am to 1pm, organised by Ifield Society members.

Why ?

1. To protest at English Partnerships monstrous proposal to develop an ancient area within the Parish of Ifield, which includes the Ifield Village Conservation Area.

2. To raise public awareness of this monstrous proposal, within the Ifield community and beyond.

3. To advise people on how best to oppose this monstrous proposal, if they wish to do so.

There are some who may be uncomfortable about calling this a "protest". I can understand that, but I can't think of an alternative one-word term for it - can you ?

By law, the police need to be notified if any number of people are planning to meet in a public place. This has been done, and a reference number has been given by them (1980-26082006). The police need to be informed, for good reason (eg traffic/access problems, complaints from shopkeepers, passers-by etc).

The nature of this "protest" is such that there is highly unlikely to be any banner-waving, shouting. or whatever, which could turn the event into a 'breach of the peace".

There will be a few posters put up, leaflets handed out, and people to talk to, maybe a photo-shoot for any media which may turn up - but that's about it. Not quite the stuff of revolution - perhaps another day...

Over the years I have found the police to be friendly, helpful and useful - as long as they are notified formally in advance. That has been done - so no problems are expected next Saturday.

For those of you who still don't like the word "protest", and/or don't like to be part of a "protest", and/or don't wish to be defined as a "protester" (God forbid!), perhaps just come along and sit on another wall nearby.

Here's hoping as many "protesters" and "non-protesters" come along next Saturday morning outside Ifield Shops !

Vive La Revolution ! (Whoops, sorry)...

Well done on the protest BTW.

So used to seeing your one-man demos that it looks strange to have you in a crowd :)
Thanks Skuds - I suppose there's no chance of you taking some pics at Ifield Shops this morning, is there ? CO has requested we take pics as their photographer can't make it...
I hope to read something about the demo here.
I would have done if I had known in time. I've been looking for new things to take photos of.
Drat ! I should have been 'quicker on my feet' when Andrew N (CO) told me they couldn't send a photographer. But thanks anyway, Skuds. Next time I'll know what to do !

Perhaps you could contact them about it - and then you can do a bit of 'freelancing' for them :)
I think the lesson is not to rely on someone just happening to read the comments on your own bit of the Internet - using e-mail or the phone would have been more effective!
Don't rub it in, Skuds !
But there's always the evening walk this Thurday - "Ifield and Beyond Politics". 7pm at the Plough - until 8pm.

It's a walk around Ifield Brook Meadows, a day before the deadline for completion of the DPD Form...

Can't see as many turning up to this one, or any media for that matter, but a few pics from the 'maestro' might help...if he can :)
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