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Let's take a closer look at English Partnerships (EP) - "The National Regeneration Agency" -who 'own' the land on which Ifield Brook Meadows has been for over 1000 years of recorded history (1066 AD) - an ancient meadow which is now under very serious threat.

John Callcutt is EP's Chief Executive, and has been for nearly 4 months (May 2006 AD) . Previously, for 15 years, he was Chief Executive (and later Deputy Chairman) of house-builders, Crest Nicholson - 1991 AD to 2006 AD.

Mr Callcutt was awarded a CBE in the Queen's 2006 (AD) Birthday Honours List, "for services to social housing and urban regeneration".

Crest Nicholson has been named as a possible house-builder for developments "West of Crawley" (eg The ancient Parish of Ifield).......

Hello Richard
I have just read your daily blog, I totaly agree that we must campaign to keep that strip of land in the hands of nature and not the builders. I will be helping with the campaign on Saturday 2nd Sept along with Sally McCray at Ifield Parade shops. Please make yourself known to me.
Linda Newman
Absolutely brilliant Linda - great to hear from you - look forward to seeing you next Saturday.

I met Sally again this morning while taking the dog out - hasn't she a lovely deerhound ! I also met a nice lady with five wonderful shelties...

We should arrange an impromptu dog show outside Ifield shops ??!!
Yes!! that lady with the shelties was ME!!
Linda Newman
Well I never - so now I won't need to introduce myself to you on Saturday !

Met John Mortimer (Ifield Councillor) in Zari's tonight - and he also promised to be there on Saturday.

Is there a dog trainer amongst us ? Your shelties would be a crowd-puller on Saturday - we could hold impromptu dog obedience classes throughout the morning ?!
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