Thursday, July 20, 2006



'GATWICK FARCEWAY' - "IS THIS THE MOST ACCIDENT PRONE BUS IN BRITAIN" - PAGE 9. Much has been said about this West Sussex County Council disaster, at our expense as taxpayers. Personally, I believe most of the problems arise because the DESIGN AND LAYOUT of the bus lanes are dangerously flawed. It requires much unnecessary concentration on the part of the bus driver to navigate the route, and is simply lethal for other road users at certain points. Who was (ir)responsible for the design and layout ? Let me guess...

Did you see this week's Private Eye?

It has a follow up of the FW story, plus an interesting letter from someone in Burgess HIll.

He sais that he saw someone who looked like a council officer go into WH Smith in Burgess Hill and buy up every copy of Private Eye (about 30 of them)

I wonder if its true. How many more shops did they try to clear the shelves in? Is this a good use of our council taxes?
No, Skuds, I didn't see that! If it can be proved to be true, that would be more than a story !

Have you the name of that person in Burgess Hill ?
No, but if you search all teh Southern train carriages you might find the one I left my Private Eye on when I had finished it...
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