Thursday, July 20, 2006



The 'Blogs Today' column on the Letters Page looks a promising new 'democratizing' development...but for how long ?

I suppose this new idea makes up for having no 'Editorial Comment' - something not lacking at the Crawley News...

Its early days yet. Could go either way.

One of the papers tried to do a bulletin board/message board a while ago - can't remember which one - and that never really took off.

And then they had their online poll which had no validation so you can vote as many times as you like... didn't it show the Lib Dems with a 90% share of the vote just before the general election.

This new media stuff has potential but needs to be properly thought out.
Yeah, you're right - it "needs to be properly thought out". But I get the feeling the Observer are floating a balloon here to see where the wind might take it.

What will 'kill' it is if a few bloggers get too irresponsible, or it becomes over-censored by Johnston Press.

But if the Observer (Dunford) is given a reasonably free hand (and only steps in occasionally) it could develop into something really good for the paper, and for Crawley.

But I fear it might become too good (ie too democratic), and 'they' start you know, a primary role of the news media is, as Chomsky says, that of "protecting privilege from the threat of public understanding and participation" :)
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