Saturday, July 22, 2006



EDITORIAL 'COMMENT' about Drugs in Crawley (and LETTER -"Shocking tale of town's drug den") - all about drug-users and drug-pushers, and where they hang out, and the dangerous mess they leave. But nothing about the drug dealers and traders, and where they hang out, and the lethal mess they leave (See previous posting "HEALTH AND DRUGS IN CRAWLEY - JULY 19).

SPORT - K2 PROBLEMS ("Not so leisurely getting to class"). Well, if you build a PFI-financed sports centre on school playing fields, you're going to have problems...

HOUSING - COUNCIL HOUSING ("Closing the door on housing critics" by the Tory Executive Member for Housing). 'Oh what a tangled web we weave, when we first practise to deceive...'. Tories and New Labour are both guilty of deceit.

TRANSPORT - SPECIALLY-ALLOCATED PARKING SPACES IN SUPERMARKETS (5 Letters!) - If it's very busy, I take the point. People without little angels, and those with disabilities, should have specially allocated parking spaces nearer the supermarket - and the rest of us should not encroach on their territory. But, I have to make a personal admission (don't tell anybody) - if I'm getting cash, and/or going for a quick shop in Sainsbury's West Green, and the parking area is practically deserted, I park in those parking places nearest the cash machine - shock and horror!

HEALTH - CRAWLEY HOSPITAL SWITCHBOARD AND COMPLAINTS TO GARY WALKER ("What can we believe about hospitals"). Same letter in Crawley Observer ("Problems", July 19), along with a feature "Walk-in centre? Sorry, that's ex-directory". Clearly there are problems - big problems. I really wish the Chief Executive (and those who are pulling his strings) would stop using taxpayers' money to feed us bullshit...they're nearly getting as bad as West Sussex County Council !

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