Thursday, July 06, 2006



FRONT PAGE - I see they have quietly made their sponsorship of 'The Reds' disappear from the front page. Will 'Crawley Observer' be advertised on the shirts next season ? Brighton's 'Skint' might be more appropriate perhaps. Come on, Richard B, how about 'Virgin' - and change the name from Crawley FC (boring) to Gatwick City FC (not boring) !!!

PAGE 2 - TRUST. Surrey and Sussex NHS Trust - "Trust" ? These people have given the word 'trust' a bad name.

PAGE 5 - SPECIAL SCHOOLS. Special Schools and Autism - bad publicity nationally as well. Suppport is lousy in West Sussex. Our 16 year old has Asperger's - a very mild form of autism - blimey, God help those with 'less mild' autistic children - only He can cos West Sussex don't.

PAGE 6 - FACES. Nice pictures of 'kidnappers' - nearly as nice as that one of Laura Moffatt recently !

PAGE 8 - COUNCIL HOUSING. "True blue or yellow". Brilliant headline and good research. (New?) Labour's "David Shreeves" - now that's one to look out for (if he turns up).

PAGES 12/13 - LETTERS PAGE. "Lots of reforming" by RWS. Now there's someone who makes a lot of sense - and he's not obsessing about hot school meals and WSCC this time. Is he ill ?
"Hang your heads" by the new Con Councillor Mike Weatherley. Someone told me he lives in Crawley not Brighton. Strange that - never heard his name mentioned in Crawley until last May's election. Something tells me we'll be hearing a lot from him now. Will he replace Henry Smith as the prospective parliamentary candidate to fight dear Laura ? Watch this space...

PAGE 14 - BAA. British Airports Authority (BAA) - now owned by the Spaniards ? Should it now be called the Spanish Airports Authority (SAA) ?

PAGE 15 - FACES. Another two happy photos a la Moffatt.

PAGE 22 - COLOUR. I like this page. Colourful and informative.

PAGE 27 - TONY BENN. "Tony tells his tales". Tony Benn at the Hawth July 25. Great stuff. Went last time he came - just before going really deaf. I will have to be there 'in spirit' now - just wouldn't be able to hear him now (with or without hearing aids) and.....shut up Symonds.

PAGE 29 - FACES. All unhappy faces to make up for those previous ones - and Laura Muppet's.

PAGE 40 et al - JOBS AND CAREERS. Any out there for someone deaf who can't use the telephone ? Not one I can tell you.

BACK PAGES - SPORT. Can't see 'Crawley Observer' logo - funny that ? Look out for Ifield Cobras - future internationals there - for the World Cup.... Shut up Symonds.

MOTORING SECTION - going to have to sell the car soon, because...Shut up Symonds.

PROPERTY PAGES - 'She who must be obeyed' is now always taking this section up to the loo, and leaving it at certain pages on the floor for me to see later. Worrying...

That's all folks !

Stop saying "shut up Symonds"

We are supposed to say that!
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