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FRONT PAGE - "DIRTY GARY". Nothing like a 'Sunsational Headline' to try and sell more Crawley Observers. Sex sells - guaranteed. Personally, I feel very uncomfortable with the 'target' - far preferring the 'naming and shaming' of local porn/drugs dealers than someone who, yes did something very wrong, but "had no previous cautions or convictions". Let's hope we don't find his name in the Obituaries this time next year...although there are many who would in this town - especially those who don't know the difference between a paedophile and a paedatrician.

PAGE 2 - JOB CUTS AT HOSPITAL. Nothing about the recent national report that it's the 'Managers/Chairmen/Directors et al' of these 'Trusts' who have been primarily responsible for these huge financial losses. And will such people be 'targeted' and 'named and shamed' in the local and/or national media - will they hell ? Flying pigs would have built an airport by the time that happens. We can protest and write letters 'til we're blue in the face; but I can tell you, until such people are exposed and brought to account by us the taxpayer, nothing will change - absolutely nothing.

PAGE 5 - 'THANK GOD IT'S OVER'. The death of Andrew Frost at the traffic lights by K2. Well, it looks as though it was all Andrew's fault - nobody else to blame apparently. And what of the sequencing of the traffic lights ? They must have been perfectly OK then, must they ? So, WSCC had no need to change the sequencing of the traffic lights after the fatality ?

PAGE 8 & 9 CRAWLEY FC AND THE MAJEED BROTHERS. I can understand Crawley Observer's need to give this such coverage - as they were (are?) the main sponsors - but frankly I'm bored with the story now. Clear the decks and kneel down to pray for a 'saviour' - like Richard Branson. Gatwick City FC ?

PAGE 10 - THE ANDREW SKUDDER PORTRAIT. And what do we have here, then ? Andrew 'Skuds' Skudder, sporting a bright yellow jacket and a dome worthy of 'head-butter' Zidane. It's an old picture (and good) - in the good old days when he was a Labour councillor (and Deputy Mayor?). He would have been a good, dynamic Mayor for Crawley - but now what do we have !!! I remember when he gave me a 'verbal head-butt' some years ago at a council planning meeting. I managed to respond in kind at the time - but here's hoping all is forgiven !

PAGE 11 - PRIVATE EYE TAKES A POP. The 'Farceway' Bus System, costing us "£2.65m per mile". Good, 'exclusive', feature - and great to see the national news being related to local news. It's a rare thing. I can't help wondering if it changes anything - or brings those (ir)responsible to account. Private Eye, Have I Got News For You etc all 'take the mick out of' power - but they are rather like 'court jesters' to Establishment power. And, believe me there is an 'Establishment' in West Sussex, and it's very, very powerful. But I digress...

PAGE 1 - DAD OF TWO'S SUICIDE. So, so sad. Depression apparently - that mental illness. I sense there are many more stories like this which don't get in the paper - and there will be many more in the future. It can be a crazy, cold, cruel world - that world inside our heads, as well as outside...

PAGES 14-16 - LETTERS PAGES. "Friendly and positive" is a 'must' read concerning Hot School Meals and West Sussex County Council - but I might be slightly biased (as its author) !

PAGE 28 - LOOK BACK. Still colourful and interesting. "Olympic Hopes For New Centre" (K2), One Year Ago. Well, let's hope any Olympic hopeful won't need to cross at the traffic lights.

PAGE 31 - PARTY PEOPLE. Ummm...that girl is nice

BACK PAGES - Sorry, lost my concentration...Bye for now !

That photo of me was actually taken in 2000 for election material, when I was still in my 30's. 6 years ago but it seems more like 12...

They must have dragged that out of the archives. If they are going to insist on bunging photos of me in their paper without telling or asking I suppose I ought to send them a newer one.

I remember that bright yellow jacket though. My favourite jacket, but I grew out of it years ago.

I am not happy about that article at all, but for other reasons which I shall go into elsewhere.
Well, Skuds, your photo is an improvement on a player on the back page of the Crawley Observer (July 12) - "Hot stuff", Far Left in Blue.
Far right in blue
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