Friday, July 07, 2006



FRONT PAGE - much the same as Crawley Observer's - Chas Majeed and Co. and Crawley FC. God knows how these people managed to 'buy' our football club - aren't they vetted properly beforehand ? I can never understand how a 'bankrupt' can still ponce about in flash cars as if they were Lord March - but I suppose the 'system' allows it. Well, perhaps the 'system' needs changing.

PAGE 2 - FACES. Now there's a happy face - nearly as happy as me when I get out of bed in the morning !

PAGE 2 - SALLY BLAKE. "In Brief - Silence for 7/7. Mayor of Crawley, Councillor Sally Blake will lead a two minute silence...". Con councillor Sally who lives in my road in Ifield and represents Pound Hill...nice enough woman...pity about her party-politics. Anyway, I'm very uncomfortable about this "two minute silence". It smells of something...Govt propaganda...can't quite put it in words. Now it's 2 minutes silence for this, two minutes silence for that. Personally it should be kept once a year - Remembrance Sunday. That's it. Any more than on and it 'dilutes' the whole significane and meaning of 11/11.

PAGE 7 & 10 - FACES. Happy faces again ! God help me if I break the law in some way, and the local 'rags' want a 'bad' picture of me. About 6am when I crawl out of bed and take the dog out would be a good time !

PAGE 12 & 13 -LETTERS PAGE. "I'll continue to park wherever I want/These drivers are just so selfish". As we near nuclear conflagration, I can see letters like this being published. Blimey, if there weren't problems in the world, it would be necessary to invent them.

PAGE 14 LETTERS EXTRA - Nice to see former Labour councillor, Owen Richards, stirring up the comfortably numb. Has he woken from hibernation, or something ?

PAGE 17 - "COUNCIL HOUSING". An Old Labour idea 'biting the dust', like the NHS. Aneurin Bevan all is forgiven ! I would love to see the tenants vote to stay with CBC next March - despite the two-party propaganda machines working overtime (with our money) to persuade them otherwise.

PAGE 28 - WOMEN. Oooooh, those lovely girls. They could cut my hair anytime. Life is funny sometimes. I'm 52, so that last sentence might make me a 'dirty old man' to some (unacceptable)...whereas if I was 18 I'd just be a 'lad' on testestorone (acceptable). As I get older, this primary instinct shows no sign of waning, but I 'philosophise' about it more. For example, why am I attracted to an attractive girl's legs with high heels, and two fleshy lumps on her chest ? Well, the answer is I just am - that's the way I'm wired up it seems. Lucy is wired up differently; she likes smelling bottoms, pooh and is attracted to four legs, and has not the slightest interest in what I'm looking at - Lucy is a bitch by the way - Our family dog. I digress...

PAGE 29 - WOMEN. "Relax, lay back and let Lorraine work her magic" comment.

PAGE....I'm all distracted now...I'm off to bed.

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