Wednesday, July 12, 2006



FRONT PAGE - "NO ONE SEEMS TO CARE". This should be read by all of us, with care, as we all share responsibility for this.

PAGE 5 - 'SPREADING ADDICTION, CRIME, MISERY'. Variation on a theme from above.

PAGE 7 - ANDREW FROST AND THE K2 TRAFFIC LIGHTS. So tragic, and so disturbing. It appears that nobody was to blame except Andrew - who is no longer with us. So the sequencing of the traffic lights was perfectly OK, was it ? Persil washes whiter. Do we care ?

PAGE 9 - PERVERTS AND MOBILE PHONES. This primary instinct can play havoc with us men, can't it - especially with a mobile phone in our hand? Sticking a mobile up a girl's skirt for a photograph doesn't do much for me,, I can't go there. Me - a pervert ? Pure as the driven slush...

PAGE 10/11 - LETTERS PAGES. "Need for a phone" - I can't get Page 9 out of my head to take this one seriously...later perhaps.

PAGE 31 - Can't really concentrate after the above, but here's Tony Benn to 'throw some political cold water over me' - "Political talk from a Cabinet legend"...."sensational" cries The Daily Telegraph. Don't remember them saying that when he was an MP !

PAGE 38 - "NEW ROLES FOR TAYLFORTH". Sorry, I've lost my concentration again.

That's enough - bye for now !

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